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JOKER – or the real clowns among us

Ever since Todd Phillips’ “Joker” came out, reactions to the movie are anything but calm. Despite the fact that the Joaquin Phoenix’s played a masterful role as the Joker, such loud reactions that flooded social networks and the internet in general, in some other times that would be considered a bit excessive, but not these days.

The Joker is a well-known comic book character and the main villain for decades now, but his life story was never well known. Now Todd Phillips have made mental and emotional break down of Jocker character, and whit that, from fictitious comic character, Jocker became a human, the same human like we are, whit same fears, desires, hopes, but also whit the same grief, suffering and bitterness, which makes him more scary than ever before. Watching a movie, the viewer can identify with the Joker; we all can recognize a part of ourselves in him and that is dreadful. It is hard to accept that deep down, we are as good as we are evil and that our choice are what or who we will be in this world. The Joker is evil, but the movie does not stick to the usual Hollywood dramaturgy in which good eventually defeats evil, but instead we have a protagonist knocked down, in the torn society, of a torn city which perfectly represents the today’s society. When society is torn down and lost, pathology floats to the surface, This is a lesson we should have already learned, but we didn’t and now history repeats itself in front of our eyes.

Movie Joker takes place in Gotham City in year 1981, world without internet and social networks, but with a bipolized society, as it is today. A society where the elite is so separated from the rest of society that all they perceive is their own bubble in which they live, only clowns remained, who serve to entertain that same elite. In such a world, the individual is exposed to this social pathology, and at the end he becomes ill from the same disease. Joaquin Phoenix fantastically portrays just that, the rise of psychosis. Those who have a voice are powerful and famous, and the only way for the insignificant person is to win their share of the media space, if he wants to be heard. But that system is rotten and the only thing one can get is ridicule and contempt. Elite dictates who has what place in the world. The individual is not the master of his destiny, but an ordinary puppet who lives in the matrix, manipulated by the media, who are manipulated by the elite. When that individual wakes up stripped of everything, love, empathy, happiness, whit empty soul, then he becomes a dangerous man.

We live in that Joker world today, we live in a culture of labeling, insulting, humiliating and excluding individuals, not directly but indirectly through the media through which we perceive the world and society completely, and the question is where is the limit?! How long it takes for the broken man to pull the trigger, and who is ultimately responsible for his act, movie or the real clowns among us?!

Author – © Matija Jaksekovic


I believe that, industrial-metal band Rammstein from Berlin needs no introduction. Known by explicit and brutally honest artistic expression, they become popular all over the world. Their alternative approach to music and general artistic expression has become their trademark. Their social critique is often relentless and original, but above all impartial. this impartiality is largely responsible for their worldwide popularity. Today, when music trends like punk, or Rock lost its original philosophy and become the mainstream of today’s generation of safe spaces – Millennials, Rammstein remained on his course, and his audience recognize and appreciate that.

On the March 28. 2019. Rammstein has released a video with their new single – Deutschland which is almost immediately sparked the fury of socio-cultural mainstream critics across the Europe and beyond. Today’s postmodern, so-called historians, sociologists and others who have been relativizing history for decades, who are cherry picking a partial historical element which becomes relevant without any historical context, in order to impose a utopian and a relativistic image of society in 21. century, might feel humiliated. Rammstein in his new video take us on a journey through German history, from the aftermath of the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest where an alliance of Germanic tribes ambushed and destroyed Roman legions in 16 A.D. known as Varian Disaster, through the medieval rule of church order and witch hunt, to many brutal social experiments in the 20th century like fascism, Nazism, and Communism as a consequence of the opposition to the ideas of the Enlightenment, until today. The story overlaps in historical periods hinting that the brutality of all social systems that are trying to control people is ruthless. In the center of everything stands Germania the personification of the German nation from whose corpse is feasting in the medieval style by everybody. Germania which is guiding, but it is guided at the same time.

And what exactly is the problem?! The Holocaust and the Nazi period shown in the video, for some it is unacceptable. some say that Rammstein using the Holocaust for self promotion, others say that the display of Holocaust in the video is a “tasteless exploitation of artistic freedom”. Well, artistic freedom is a two-way street, sometimes it is tasteless, but that depends on the eye of the observer. The exploitation of artistic freedom is something else, we are witnessing it at all levels of art today. Some who are very important today exploiting art for ideological purposes, and they’ve been doing that for a very long time, I doubt that Rammstein is responsible. Those who think how the Holocaust should not be shown as part of German history have a problem with the context in which it is shown. We can agree with that context or not, but it is not for us to limit someone’s artistic freedom because of injured ego.

The history of civilization, among other things is a nasty, violent, brutal, full of tragedy, and ordinary people are the victims every time, but also the victim, at one point will become an executioner. The moment when we will be able to accept that history as our own, then we will be able to prevent its recurrence. Let’s not fool ourselves, a story of Germany is a story of Europe.

And Rammstein… excellent come back after ten years, that’s all.

Author – © Matija Jaksekovic


The art of dying civilization, civilization who believed that the Enlightenment answered all the questions about man’s existence and meaning. Through this deconstruction of his enlightenment thought initiated by a modern man, postmodern mankind has entered the deconstruction of deconstruction. Culture, which is the only visible record of man’s spirit through history and time, has been overcome by the ruins of that same spirit, deprived of aesthetics, hope and search for answers. When the postmodern man realized that the Enlightenment still fails to respond to his inner struggle, to understand a spirit, then man renounced of his battle.

Antony Gormley, creating a postmodern parasitic-egocentric sculpture – Another place that is a set of iron statues that are cast in the shape of his body and represent the artist himself aimlessly observes on the shore of England. Aspiration of the artist is probably to escape to another place, away from his own decadence. Gormley probably didn’t feel that his sculpture would be the best presentation of today’s man and today’s Europe, but it is. A man who, at the end of time, looks empty, distressed, but calm, watching the dying world and waiting for his death. The artist, of course, unconsciously created something else, emotional and tragic beauty of a mankind who will be born again from the ruins of nihilism. A perfect view of the end of a great civilization that has failed to find itself as many other great civilizations before, leaving behind its ultimate art.

Richard Wagner has composed the opera Gutterdämmerung (The Twilight of the Gods) according to the Nordic Mythology which marks the end of time, when the gods will rise to the last fight against the onset of evil, after which the end comes. This apocalyptic thought is not just an extension of this nihilism of the world we live in, but a proof that nihilism is not the end, but a new birth.

Author – © Matija Jaksekovic